Fun And Pointless Information About Poop And Toilets To Share With Loved Ones

17 October 2014
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No other word in the English language makes young kids giggle and sends shivers down the spines of any adult who has dined at a questionable Mexican restaurant like poop. Everyone poops and whether yours are brown, runny, green or the consistency of wet sand, feces is the ultimate universal experience and last-ditch subject of conversation at parties. Although chances are they won't ask, and will probably beg you to change the subject, here are a few interesting and pointless facts about poop: Read More 

3 Wall Art Rules To Break In Your Home

29 August 2014
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If you've spent any time perusing interior design blogs on the Internet, you know there are rules for hanging wall art. Knowing the rules will help you design your home effectively, but sometimes you benefit from breaking them. 1. Hang Art at Eye Level The accepted rule of thumb is to hang your wall art so that its center is 57" from the floor. This places the middle of the art at eye level, which is considered the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced height. Read More 

6 Newbie Mistakes To Avoid When Learning To Play The Guitar

22 May 2014
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Learning to play the guitar can be a great experience. The feel of the guitar's finish and the vibrations that move through the body with each string you strum are motivational. However, there are some important things you should know before you pick up your first guitar. Do Not Start With a Cheap Guitar Beginners tend to make the mistake of buying cheap or used guitars. They figure that this guitar is just for practice, so it doesn't matter if it lacks quality. Read More