Keys To Putting Together A New Play For Entertainment Purposes

10 October 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Having the chance to put together a play is a wonderful experience. You get to be creative and work with so many wonderful actors and actresses potentially starting their journey in the entertainment business. As long as you use these strategies when putting a new play together, it can have the success you're looking for.

Decide Between a One-Act and a Full-Length Piece

When you start writing a play and putting its pieces together, you need to decide whether it's going to be a one-act play or a full-length piece. There are advantages to both and you need to review them carefully before making a decision. For instance, if you're looking to throw together a play on a tight budget, featuring one solid act might be best.

Whereas if you have more in the budget and have an extensive story to tell, then a full-length piece would be better because you'll have more time to get across important messages that you want to convey to an audience. 

Focus on the Main Character

A lot of people are involved in putting plays together and executing them in front of a live audience, but the main character or characters are essential to focus on. They will be the centerpiece of this play after all. You should start out writing this main character correctly.

What is their motive in the story that they're featured in and what character arc will they go on? Once you have them written, the next stage of managing the main character is casting them. You need to find an actor or actress who can bring this main character to life and make your play memorable. 

Make Sure Acts Are Cohesive

The acts within your play are the structure that will guide the story forward. You need to write each act just as well as you do the next because this will ensure your play flows well and captivates the audience that you're trying to entertain. 

There are a couple of tricks you want to keep in mind, such as building suspense, fleshing out each character, and providing conflict that has to be overcome. You may not write perfect acts in the beginning, but as long as you continue to make edits, you'll get these acts smoothened out.

Producing a new play — like the Cold Blooded Show — may be something you've dreamed of for a long time. It can turn out great if you plan effectively early on and make the right decisions until the end.