Fun Games To Play During A Night Of Axe Throwing

14 January 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


When you meet up with a group of friends for an evening of axe throwing, the staff member who gives you a tutorial on how to perform this activity will likely introduce you to how to score a game. Commonly, you'll learn how each area of the bullseye is worth a certain point value, and then you and an opponent will compete against one another to see who can score more points. While this standard game is fun, it's useful to know that there are all sorts of other simple games that you can play. Here are some examples to consider.


If you've ever played basketball, there's a good chance that you'll know the game Horse. This is a game in which one person makes a shot from somewhere on the court, and then their opponent must recreate the same shot or receive a letter. The first player who receives enough letters to spell Horse loses the game. You can easily take a similar approach to axe throwing. For example, if you throw an axe and hit the target in a specific area, it's up to your opponent to throw their axe and attempt to hit approximately the same area. Your group members can decide whether each subsequent throw is close enough to the original throw or whether the player should receive a letter.

Call Your Shot

Another fun axe throwing game that can produce a lot of laughs from your group is a game in which you call your shot. This means that you say which part of the bullseye you'll hit with your throw and then attempt to throw your axe in this location. For example, you might say that you'll hit the 1-point ring or the 3-point ring, and then attempt to hit either spot. If you're successful, you get to go again — and continue calling your shots and throwing until you miss. The winner is the person who successfully gets the longest consecutive streak.

Math Games

For a fun math-based game, your group can look around and try to spot two numbers. They might be on signs, on other players' clothing, and so on. You can add these two numbers together and then start throwing your axes in an attempt to score as many points as the answer. For example, if you see a 3 and a 12, these two numbers add up to 15. This means that you need to score exactly 15 points on the bullseye. You'll need to quickly calculate what scores you need to hit this number, and then make your shots accordingly. While simple, this is a challenging game that can offer some fun competition.

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