3 Everyday Ways To Use Horror Vinyl Records

24 February 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Horror movies often build suspense through the soundtrack. Both modern and classic soundtracks have been released through horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections. The vinyl records are ideal for collecting and displaying, but you can also find everyday ways to play and enjoy horror records.

Consider some of the fun uses and try out the ideas with your own horror vinyl collections.

1. Fireplace Ambiance

If you enjoy the warmth of a warm fire in your home, then you can completely change the way you enjoy the fire with horror soundtracks. When all the other lights are turned off, the horror music stands out and adds a lot of ambiance to the room. The crackles of a fire go along well with the music.

The music will also enhance any activities by the fire. For example, if you're with others, you can use the music to tell ghost stories and spooky tales. If you're by yourself, you can read a horror novel. The music and fire will help immerse you in the story even more.

2. Cooking

Prepare your meals in a whole new way with horror movie soundtracks. The intense music and horror synthesizers can really add some fun elements as you chop up meat and vegetables for a meal. Find inspiration from your favorite horror movie characters as you use knives and kitchen tools to prepare meals.

The addition of horror music adds a whole other layer to the cooking and can even turn into a regular habit to help you get through the cooking process.

3. Meditation

People often rely on music to go through meditation. You can mix things up by using horror movie soundtracks. Not all of the tracks from a horror movie feature intense and heart-pounding composition. Listen through records to find some of the more layered and relaxing musical scores.

With the music, you can go deep into your meditation and find multiple ways to relax. The more you listen to the soundtracks, the more you can find tracks that you will enjoy with meditation. Movie compositions tend to be longer than traditional songs as well, giving you longer amounts of time to meditate. 

When you own multiple soundtracks, you can find a variety of tracks to use with different forms of meditation.

Once you start using horror movie soundtracks every day, you can find your own personal uses for the songs, tracks, and compositions. You can also share your ideas and experiences with others who collect horror movie vinyl records.