What To Consider When Looking For That Next Scary Movie To Watch

29 September 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Are you the kind of person that loves scary movies, and are you looking for a new movie to watch that is going to hook you in? If so, consider the following things when looking for the best scary movies on Netflix.

Is It an Anthology?

Many scary movies are single movies that tell a story and are done. However, it may be worth looking for an anthology of movies that has multiple films. If you end up being hooked by that first film, you'll know that there are several more to follow that will keep you interested. Check to see if your preferred streaming service has all of them available to stream or if you will need to venture elsewhere. Don't be surprised if the latest film in the anthology costs a premium price to rent or own.

Who Is the Director?

One of the big things people look for when discovering new movies is who the director is. Directors tend to make movies that have similar styles or even can give you expectations of the quality level of their next movie. That's because if you like one movie that someone directed, chances are that you'll like the next one. Since a lot of horror movies tend to be effective based on how things are shot on set, the director is more important to look at when looking for new movies in other genres. 

Does It Have Jump Scares?

If you are watching scary movies because you want to be a little bit spooked, your exposure to the genre may not leave much left to really get you to jump out of your seat. However, jump scares, which are shocking moments on screen that are designed to catch you off guard and make you literally jump out of your seat, will still do it for some people. Consider looking for movies that have jump scares if you want that extra thrill because they can add to the overall experience for you.

What Are Your Fears?

Sometimes what makes a movie scary is looking at what your own fears are and if the movie contains any of those elements. For example, if you hate spiders, you may love a horror movie that has a theme with spiders in it. If you have anxiety, maybe a movie with elements of suspense and anticipation can make the film scare you. Consider your own fears and if those are an element of the movie you're about to watch.