Take Your Pick Of Holiday Themed Circus Shows For A Great Start To The Season

16 July 2020
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When you are looking for something new and different to do this holiday season, you might want to step outside the box just a little bit. You might enjoy going to an annual presentation of The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol, but there are ways you can add a little fun into your holiday celebrations while still enjoying the classics.

Why not head to a holiday-themed circus show this year? You might be surprised at the choices you have in the type of show to watch. Here are just some of the holiday-themed circus shows based on classic stories and new tales you just might have the chance to see and enjoy.

The Night Before Christmas Theme

One of the classic stories read during the holiday season is The Night Before Christmas. This tale talks about a father who has just gone to bed and the entire family is sleeping. They are waiting for a visit from Santa Claus to bring presents to everyone. While this is usually a family favorite every year, you can also enjoy it as a holiday-themed circus show too.

There are several circus troupes who perform this tale in fantastic circus-style fashion. One of the more famous troupes is Cirque Du Soleil but there are more local performances as well. You can watch the re-telling or re-imaging of this story in full moving color with spectacular feats of acrobatics. It's one of the most exciting and fun ways to start your holiday season and a great way to have this classic tale retold.

The Nutcracker Theme

Another tradition for many families is to head to see the famous ballet The Nutcracker. This is the tale of a young girl whose uncle gives her a nutcracker for Christmas and she has a realistic dream about his world coming to life. It's a family favorite and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Now you can see this story come to life in a holiday-themed circus show. This tale is brought to life by circus performers in an adaptation of the story bringing to life the nutcracker, fairies, and the little girl in vivid colors, music, and amazing feats.

You will have several troupes to choose from and it's certainly one show that is worth traveling to see if you are able to.

Fairy Tale Theme

If you want a holiday-themed circus show that is a little bit different but still fun and exciting, then why not try one of the fairy tale themed shows? There are a few to choose from and you can check your local area to see which ones appeal to you.

You can choose from Goldilocks trying to save a local family circus with the help of the three bears. There is a Snow White themed circus with the telling of the princess' tale in a unique and interesting way. Or, you can watch Cinderella meet her prince and win happiness in a fun and exciting new way.