Lending AV Support To A Screenwriting Panel Discussion For Better Learning

9 April 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


People with dreams of hitting it big in Hollywood have a lot at their fingertips, literally. Those fingertips tap keyboards to create screenplays. A great screenplay could open doors in the entertainment industry. Would-be writers do need to learn about the industry, and convention promoters see opportunities here. Running a screenwriting convention that brings in top writers and educators could draw crowds and help attendees learn a lot. The convention promoters will need assistance, too. The promoters need to call on audiovisual (AV) support services to make sure the all-important panel discussions go well. The AV service could also expand the audience through streaming, which might help the convention's bottom line.

Panel Discussion Audio/Video Improvements

Panel discussions allow a small group of experts to speak about a particular topic to an audience. The topic may be appealing, but it's only useful if the audience hears the commentary. An audiovisual team can help by installing the best microphones and speakers. AV experts could position speakers in a particular way to enhance acoustics. They might do a lot more, including the following.

Switching to Projections

Panel discussions sometimes require visual aids. Screen projections of moving and still images serve as reliable visual aids. Where does the screen go in relation to the projector? That spatial relationship affects how the audience sees the display, which affects learning. The AV team could set up the projection correctly.

Running the Lighting

Turning the house lights on and off is functional, but not too dynamic. Perhaps using stage lights on the panel members could add a dramatic effect and keep attention focused on the speaker(s).

Mics for the Audience

To best understand an answer, everyone should hear the question. During a Q&A session, a tech member could run to the audience member with a microphone in hand while someone else works the audioboard to adjust levels.

Reliable audio/visual support could help the live panel discussion run smoothly. "Live" tech work isn't the only support available, either.

Livestreams and Downloads

Conventions cost significant money to promote. Tickets sales might not be enough to cover the show, but streaming panel discussions on pay-per-view could bring in additional revenue. Livestreams aren't the only option. Recorded panel discussions can be purchased via downloads, further expanding potential revenue. A professional AV support team can make sure the lighting, framing, and other technical components look professional on the live feed. Additional post-production work could add more material and effects to the downloads.

Contact a provider of live event AV support services for more information.