Six Songs That Are Perfect For A Sentimental Occasion

27 April 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


When planning any gathering or event, music is a must. It often provides the atmosphere for the occasion, whether it is a sad occasion or a jubilant one. When planning a sentimental get-together, like a bat mitzvah or birthday, the choice you make in music is an important one.

Six songs that are perfect for a milestone event are:

  1. "Brick." If you want to play music that stays with your guests long-after the party, choose Ben Folds 5 "Brick." This song talks of self-destruction and passing, in a stripped-down, raw way. The song has meaning and could be the perfect way to pay tribute to someone who is in the prime of their life.
  2. "Freshmen." In 1996, The Verve-pipe hit the chart with their song "Freshmen" which talks of life and regret.  The song is deep and intense, but also melodically beautiful. This song reminds listeners to make the most of their life and to aim high.
  3. "Run to you." Any song by Whitney Houston is powerful and suited to a special event, but her hit "Run to you" in 1992 is special. There are few people, young or old, who won't recognize the tune. This song is moving, and is a dramatic slow-dance for a birthday or bat mitzvah.
  4. "My way." Elvis Presley's cover of Frank Sinatra's "My way" is the perfect song to honor someone who is living life on their own terms. The song is familiar and guests at your party will be able to sing along.  
  5. "Don't cry." The 90s group Guns n' Roses took music video to a new level with the theatrical trailers for their hits "November rain" and "Don't cry." The latter depicts the lead singer, Axl Rose, mourning the loss of his wife and expressing his grief, facetiously of course. The song is moving and brings the house down when played at a party or event.
  6. "Call and answer." The group Barenaked Ladies is mostly renowned for their lighthearted and spoof-y songs, made popular in the early 2000s. "Call and answer" is in juxtaposition with their usual body of work and speaks to being available to those you love in a beautiful way.

If you want to bring a meaningful touch to a party, consider playing these six songs. Talk with your DJ, someone from a place like Sound Choice Events, to ensure they have the tracks to these powerful and moving songs- which are perfect for your milestone event.