Must-Have Items When Going To Your Very First Concert

19 April 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you just purchased tickets to see one of your favorite bands, and you have never been to a musical concert in the past, you are most likely extremely excited about the event you are about to experience. There are a few items you will want to bring to a concert to help enhance the experience so it can be enjoyed at the highest level. Here are some "must have" items that will help to make the concert a positive event.

Protect Your Ears From Excessive Sound

While you will want to hear the instruments play and voices sung in full, protecting your ears should the concert be at a risky decibel level for your hearing is best. Invest in a comfortable pair of earplugs to help in minimizing excessive sound waves from reaching your ears. It is also a good idea to refrain from positioning yourself directly in front of speakers, if possible. If you find the sound level to be too loud to your liking, move back to a standing-room only section of the area where the concert is being held to help protect your hearing.

See The Concert In Detail

Bringing along a small pair of binoculars to the event can be helpful in seeing your favorite band members if you have a seat far from the stage area. Many pieces of this type of equipment will have a string attached so you can wear the binoculars around your neck when you are not trying to look through them. While your cell phone may have an enlarging feature to zoom in on the band, holding the binoculars right up to your eyes will give you a crisper view as well as help keep your phone from being out in the open where it is at risk for breaking or becoming stolen.

Stash A Poncho For Bad Weather

If you are watching a concert in an outdoor setting, inclement weather is bound to be a concern. A poncho can be an indispensable tool to have with you if a storm passes through during the event. Purchase a travel poncho from a local home goods store to bring to the concert with you. These are compact so you can slide one into your pocket with ease. If it starts raining, simply unfold the apparatus and place it over your clothing to protect you from becoming wet. The poncho can be disposed of in a waste receptacle when the event has ended.

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