5 Tips To Take Advantage Of Your Summer Mountain Lodge Stay

5 April 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Staying in a mountain lodge like Town of Silverthorne over the summer is a great way to enjoy a beautiful escape from reality. Staying in the mountains usually means that you are going to enjoy an area away from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are five tips to help you take advantage of this:

Request a Room With a View: First off, you want to actually feel like you are staying in the mountains, and this is difficult if you have a view of a parking lot or other area of the resort aside from the mountains. Paying a bit extra for a view of the mountains is well worth it because then you will actually reap the biggest benefit of staying at a mountain lodge, which is to feel that escape from reality. 

Ask About the Activities: There are many activities you can sign up for when staying at a mountain lodge, which includes canoeing through the waters near the mountains, bungee jumping, and more. It's a good idea to ask about these activities when you book your room instead of when you arrive because you might need to sign up for the activity in advance before these get too full for the days that you are going to be there. 

Go on a Hike: Hiking through the mountains in the summer time usually means enjoying a great breeze and some spectacular views of the greenery, sunset, and sunrise. Be sure that you hike during the right time of day when you can enjoy the sunset or sunrise from high up. Don't forget to bring your camera along since this view is probably only going to be a once in a lifetime thing. 

Eat Outside: Most mountain lodges are going to have a restaurant where you can dine outside that provides the perfect view of the mountains that surround it. Be sure that you eat here at least once during your stay. You won't regret the experience that dining in this type of atmosphere can provide. 

Bring Your Bike: If you are a biker, bringing along your mountain bike can definitely be beneficial since there are likely many bike trails that you can't hike on foot. This also provides a unique experience you might not get anywhere else. Many mountain lodges will have a space where you can keep your bike safely stored during your stay so that you can take advantage of the bike trails. 

When you consider these five tips, your summer mountain lodge stay is sure to be everything you have imagined it to be.