3 Tips When Getting A Tattoo

7 December 2016
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If you are interested in a piece of art that you can wear for life, you'll want to reach out to the best tattoo artist in your area who can help you out. There are a lot of tattoo shops that you can decide on, but you should first learn a little bit about the process of getting a tattoo, so that you are fully informed. Read below to learn about finding the perfect tattoo design, researching a shop and taking care of your fresh new tattoo. 

#1: Decide On The Perfect Tattoo

When kicking around tattoo ideas, be sure that you decide on something that you are fine wearing forever. People decide on tattoos for different reasons. In some cases, people want phrases or art that is symbolic, while in other situations, a person might want a tattoo that is expressive and creative. The best way to decide is to find an artist who can draw up some samples. Find an artist and request a few different renditions of an idea that you might have. By getting a clear visual representation of what your tattoo will look like ahead of time, you will be more confident once you sit down in the tattoo artist's chair.

#2: Find The Best Tattoo Shop

Once you have decided on a design, you should begin reaching out to 5 to 7 of the best tattoo shops in your area. Each shop should have their licenses prominently displayed on the wall, along with other credentials that show that they are legitimate. Look into reviews from people who have gotten tattoos from them and thoroughly browse through their portfolio before making a decision. Finally, compare prices between the different tattoo shops. It can cost you anywhere between $50 per hour and $300 per hour for a customized tattoo.

#3: Follow Some Key After Care Tips

It is very important that you care for your tattoo to the best of your ability after it is finished. Keep the bandage on and invest in some gauze and waterproof tape. Avoid tubs and pools while it is healing, as this can ruin the ink. You should also do your best to keep the tattoo moisturized as it heals. Purchase some shea butter to apply to the tattoo so that you are keeping it moisturized and infused with vitamins. 

Consider these tips as you find the best tattoo shop and artist near you.