Tips For Your Corporate Christmas Party

28 October 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


A corporate work party can be successful on-site or at a fancy venue. Depending on the type of party that you are planning, consider some clever ways to make the party personalized and memorable.

Casual celebrations.

Use these tips for your casual corporate celebrations:

  • Invest in wholesale glass vases to fill with favorite workplace treats and sweets. Tie a ribbon and line these by the door for a great party favor that everyone in your office will enjoy!
  • For a great activity at your event, offer a wreath- making or ornament-making station. Everyone will get to take home their own keepsake, and it is a great way to entertain guests and put them in the holiday mood!
  • Skip the sit-down meal and offer a simple, tasting menu. Have caterers circulate small plates that can be enjoyed while visiting, standing, or lounging during your party; it may also help to keep food costs down, too.
  • Make bartending simple by offering a celebratory punch to your guests. This can be prepared in advance in bulk supply so that nobody will spend the whole party mixing drinks. Offer a non-alcoholic version, too.

On-site office parties.

Turn your office into a fun-filled venue for your party:

  • Offer a mulled-cider station for guests to prepare their own cup of grog at the party. If you are imbibing, offer a slow-cooker of spiced cider and another cooker with cider spiked with cinnamon-flavored whisky.
  • Contests and door prizes are a great way to entertain guests at office parties or venues that don't really accommodate entertainment. Consider a holiday-themed bingo game with some high-end prizes. Ask staff for a volunteer to call the numbers during the games.
  • Enlist some help around the office to make simple, delicious party favors. Make some simple and inexpensive hot chocolate in-a-jar favors for each guest and staff member to take home.

Formal corporate affairs.

Some suggestions for a festive formal affair to celebrate the season are:

  • Talk with rental businesses about leasing canopies of small lights to illuminate your venue. These resemble stars and are a popular party lighting feature.
  • Create a clever and appropriate signature cocktail to suit the mood of the event. Ask servers and bar-staff to advertise the drink, and offer a non-alcoholic version for guests that want to abstain.
  • At a formal affair, plan on budgeting for elaborate entertainment, such as stilt-walkers or circus performers. Plan on something dramatic and impressive, that will be remembered by your guests.

Whether you are planning an impromptu office gathering or a large-scale formal corporate dinner, consider ways to make it distinct and festive. Try these tips for your own event when planning work-related get-togethers and Christmas parties.