Host A Puppet Show And Dinner For Children Who You Teach In Preschool And Their Families

29 June 2016
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If you are a preschool teacher and are going to treat your students to a puppet show and dinner in order to reward them for their hard efforts, the following ideas may help the event be successful. Invite the students and their parents and siblings to the event, and provide all of the attendees with an enjoyable time that will be appreciated.

Set Up A Pleasant Seating Area For Guests To Relax

Rent tables and chairs for guests from a party planning company to use while they are enjoying the puppet show that you have set up. Arrangements can be made with the rental company that you have chosen to have the furniture dropped off prior to the event. Place the tables and groups of chairs several feet apart and near the area where the show will be held so that everyone can clearly see it.

Cover the tables with decorative tablecloths that depict similar puppets that are being used during the performance. Set the tables with brightly-colored cups, plates, and utensils that complement the tablecloths.

Provide A Variety Of Food Items And Beverages

Offer a buffet that contains several platters of food. Place the food across one, long table that is set up directly across the area where guests will be seated. Prepare the food items yourself or hire a professional caterer to assist you. Welcome the guests to eat their meals during the performance and encourage them to help themselves to more of any items that they enjoy.

Once the show is over, remove and cover any leftover food and set out a couple types of desserts for the attendees to indulge in. If there is an overabundance of food leftover when the event has ended, prepare plates for guests to bring home with them or serve the items to the children on the next day of preschool. 

Plan An Awards Ceremony

End the get together with an awards ceremony. Purchase a package of blank certificates and fill in the names of the children and the award that they are being provided with before handing them out. Consider giving children awards for being kind to others, listening intently during class time, and mastering specific skills that you have been teaching.

Make sure all of your students receive at least one award so that nobody will feel badly about being left out. The certificates can be framed and hung up by the parents of each student or placed in photo albums so that they can be shared with family members in the future. 

If the event is a hit and everyone who attends it seems to have enjoyed themselves, plan another party in the future to reward the students who you teach.