Game On: Tips For Fixing And Maintaining A Pinball Machine

2 June 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


One of the most beloved pastimes in America is the classic pinball machine. Whether you're an arcade owner, collector, or just a fan of the game itself, these intricate machines consist of a whole lot of moving parts. If you own a pinball machine or even a few, there are some things you should know about when it comes to properly caring for or making repairs to your precious arcade game. Here are a few helpful tips that will prolong the life of your pinball machine so you can continue to enjoy playing with it for years to come.

Keep Track Of Repair

Since most pinball machines are full of tiny pieces and parts as well as a series of movements, it can be tough to keep track of what you're doing when you make repairs. For example, if you begin to fix an issue with the flipper and a small gear comes loose, it can cause a snowball effect. Even losing or breaking one small part can render the machine unable to be played until it gets replaced. Keep track of everything you're doing either by taking pictures as you go or writing it down. This will help you retrace your steps back if you need to determine what went wrong during the repair process so everything continues to run smoothly when you're finished.

Clean It Up

In order for pinball to be a fun game, the surface or playfield should be kept as clean as possible. You can maintain a nice smooth playing surface by regularly dusting the playfield and finishing it with carnauba wax for a really slick playing field. You should also pay close attention to the balls being used. Even the tiniest nick, crack or ding can cause the balls to become wobbly and not play correctly. Replace balls that have become worn out so you're sure that the machine is giving players the best experience possible. 

Pay Attention When Moving

Whenever you need to move your pinball machine, you run the risk of damaging the delicate parts inside. Be very careful when lifting and moving it, and never slide it across the floor. If you're moving the machine a long distance, the playing mechanism section where the playfield is should be detached from the scoreboard head, and everything should be stored flat. Wrap everything in high-density foam or use a heavy-duty moving blanket to create a protective cushion. Always make sure everything is powered off and unplugged before attempting to move your pinball machine, and check everything thoroughly as soon as you plug it back in and set it up to be certain all of your lights and moving parts are working well. With a little extra TLC, you can enjoy your pinball machine without worry for a long time to come. 

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