What To Expect When You're Expecting ... To Go To Atlanta Comic Con

25 June 2015
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You're feeling kind of cool. Someone has invited you to the Atlanta Comic Con, which is very exciting, but also has you a little freaked out. You've heard of comic cons, but having never attended one, you're not exactly sure how to blend in with the regulars and also what to expect. And the last thing you want to do is to stick out like a sore thumb. But have no fears! Read more for tips that will have you hitting Atlanta's Comic Con's floor like a regular.

What is Comic Con?

First the basics. Comic Con is short for comic convention. These are large gatherings for lovers of the comics and science fiction genre -- you know, superheroes, evil villains and anime creatures. Comic Cons often feature great guest stars, such as famous actors who star in these genre's TV Shows, movies, etc. and important members of the comics industry. There are many comic cons held all over the world. 

Atlanta's Comic Con

The Atlanta Comic Con, which has been held four times a year for the past twenty-one years, is the largest one-day comic convention in the South. At this convention, you'll find loads of dealers selling action figures, comic books and other memorabilia and collectabillia. It is also an excellent place to find that lost beloved toy or poster from your childhood. Plus, you might also get to meet or hear some famous figures in the comic industry speak while at this event.   

How to Dress

While you don't "have" to dress up to attend a comic con, many attendees do like to show up as their favorite sci-fi or comic book character. It can also pay to dress up. Why? Because some comic cons, including Atlanta Comic Con, offer discounts to costumed attendees. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to go out to a store to buy a costume or purchase one online. In fact, some of the best costumes at comic cons are creative homemade ones. Want to really make a big splash at a comic con?  Here are some costuming tips:

  • Coordinate with your friends. Choose a move, television or comic book theme and have your group each dress up as a character. And if you really want to stand out, then switch things up. For example, if you choose to do Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple, have the man dress as Wonder Woman and the woman as Superman. 
  • Choose an unusual character. At most comic cons, you'll see a lot of "Star Wars," "Star Trek" and Marvel Comic characters. So if you don't want to be just like all the others, pick an obscure character from a video game or an old cartoon show, such as "Sailor Moon." 
  • Think outside (or, more literally, inside) the box. Some of the best comic con costumes use unusual props to set themselves apart from the others. For example, you can go as a simple Star Wars stormtrooper OR you could be more elaborate and turn a box into a stormtrooper vehicle and wear that as part of your costume. 
  • Dress your kids up. If you're bringing your whole family, don't forget to choose costumes for your wee ones. They enjoy dressing up as much as the adults do -- maybe even more. 
  • Zombie it. Instead of dressing up as your everyday Pokemon character, why not a zombie Pokemon character? Want to be Spock? Try being zombie Spock instead. 

The most important thing when attending the Atlanta Comic Con is to let loose and have fun. Remember, comic cons are all about enjoying the silly and less serious things in life.