Four Types Of Books To Help You Enjoy The Tube

13 April 2015
 Categories: Entertainment, Articles


There are books meant for every interest and activity, and that includes watching television. If you really love TV, grab a book from a site like to make your viewing experience even better. Here are four types of books that will make watching television better than ever. 

Actors' Autobiographies

Television is even more entertaining when you know something about the actors who are part of the show. Many popular actors write autobiographies detailing their lives and the reasons they chose acting as a career. The more you know about an actor, the better you can understand that person's craft and the unique spin the person puts into various roles. 

Actors who have been part of popular television shows will often mention these times in their books. Reading funny or interesting stories about what happened behind the scenes will allow you to watch the show from a new perspective. 

Travel Guide to Filming Locations

Are your favorite television shows filmed in unique or exotic locations? Many of today's television shows are at least partially filmed on location outside of a sound stage. Read a book about the place where your television show is filmed to better understand what you are seeing in the background and the challenges filming in local weather or landscapes. 

Even if a television show is filmed on a stage, you can still gain an better understanding of the show by learning about place where the show is set. For example the very popular sitcom, Cheers, was filmed on a sound stage, but the Chicago Bar Project explains that you can learn about and even visit the bar that was the inspiration for the show's setting. 

History Books

Some of the most beloved television shows have a historical theme. If you love a show that takes place in ancient Rome, wartime Korea or the 19 century American west, learning all you can about that time period can help you enjoy the show even more. Discover whether or not the show really is true to the conditions and traditions of the time period being presented by becoming an expert on that particular setting. You may find inconsistencies and mistakes that other viewers will not notice. 

Behind the Scenes Memoirs

The best way to learn about what really goes on during the filming of a television show is to read books written by people in the cast and crew. Many of the most popular shows on television have been the subject of one or many collections of memories from people who were involved in creating, writing and shooting the show. 

One excellent example of this kind of show is the epic Saturday Night Live. SNL has been on the air for decades, and the way the show is put together has changed over the years. The experience of being part of the show has changed over time as well and is interesting to learn about from the people who were part of those changes. You can read memoirs about what it was like to work at SNL during the height of recreational drug use or as a woman trying to break into comedy. You can also read about filming during challenging times like how producers chose to continue the show after 9/11.

Memoirs allow you to witness critical times during the filming of a television show and can make your viewing experience more complete. 

True television lovers will note that reading about TV is a big part of getting the most out of watching it. The next time you are enjoying a favorite TV show, try finding a book about the show itself. You might be surprised how much more entertaining the experience can be.