Challenge Your Fear Of Heights While Participating In An Outdoor Ropes Course

23 December 2020
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If you have been apprehensive about flying in a plane or climbing up a series of steps to acquire a unique vantage point, you may miss out on many adventures that your loved ones and friends have invited you to enjoy. Take things slowly and appease your interest in seeing new things by completing an outdoor ropes course. If you enjoy this type of activity, you may be ready to participate in a zipline or rope course session that takes longer to complete or that requires you to be elevated more. Read More 

What To Consider When Looking For That Next Scary Movie To Watch

29 September 2020
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Are you the kind of person that loves scary movies, and are you looking for a new movie to watch that is going to hook you in? If so, consider the following things when looking for the best scary movies on Netflix. Is It an Anthology? Many scary movies are single movies that tell a story and are done. However, it may be worth looking for an anthology of movies that has multiple films. Read More 

Take Your Pick Of Holiday Themed Circus Shows For A Great Start To The Season

16 July 2020
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When you are looking for something new and different to do this holiday season, you might want to step outside the box just a little bit. You might enjoy going to an annual presentation of The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol, but there are ways you can add a little fun into your holiday celebrations while still enjoying the classics. Why not head to a holiday-themed circus show this year? You might be surprised at the choices you have in the type of show to watch. Read More 

Lending AV Support To A Screenwriting Panel Discussion For Better Learning

9 April 2020
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People with dreams of hitting it big in Hollywood have a lot at their fingertips, literally. Those fingertips tap keyboards to create screenplays. A great screenplay could open doors in the entertainment industry. Would-be writers do need to learn about the industry, and convention promoters see opportunities here. Running a screenwriting convention that brings in top writers and educators could draw crowds and help attendees learn a lot. The convention promoters will need assistance, too. Read More 

Three Reasons To Visit A Mall Amusement Park

27 January 2020
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Most amusement parks are situated outdoors, giving people a chance to enjoy a spacious environment on a sunny day, whether they're seeking thrills on a roller coaster or chilling out in a lazy river. Outdoor family amusement parks aren't the only option for you, however. There are several large shopping malls across the country that boast their own amusement parks under the mall roof. Whether you happen to be on vacation in one of these areas or you decide to plan a family trip to one of these destinations with the primary purpose of visiting the mall, here are some things that you'll enjoy. Read More